The App

Visual, Intuitive, Inspiring

Mosaic was built by CDM professionals to break the cycle of Principal Designers discharging CDM duties with compliance in mind, as opposed to focussing on excellence in output. We firmly believe that it should not take any more effort to go beyond pure compliance and provide exceptional Design Risk Management, and Mosaic gives you the tools to do that.

    Your in-house CDM expert

    Inside The Application

    All of Mosaic’s best features combine to provide a unique tool for Principal Designers to discharge their CDM Duties in accordance with CDM regs 2015. Our proprietary wizard-based Hazard Assessment and Risk Identification tool (HARI) was designed to provide guided pathways through an extensive list of potential pitfalls that construction professionals may encounter on any construction project, big or small.

    Document Management

    Mosaic provides a framework for compiling Pre-Construction Information packs, Health & Safety Files, and Subcontractor’s Operations & Maintenance documentation. As soon as a document is available it can be uploaded into Mosaic, where it is visible for all users, available to download, and will be logged for inclusion in system generated compilations such as the PCI.


    Project Dashboard

    Each project has a Dashboard showing all the pertinent information in one easy to read space. View Team Members and Roles, Progress of the Project as a whole, as well as progress of the Risk Assessment, PCI and H&S file compilation, Project Particulars, Site Location Map, Latest changes to the project by any team member, send reminder emails, generate instant reports and have confidence your project is on track.

    Compile Compliant Files

    Our team of CDM experts have created a framework for each of the legally required elements to ensure you are confident in including all the relevant documentation. With the ability to opt documents in or out depending on the type of project, you can demonstrate that all elements have been duly considered before being included or excluded. Share the compiled PCI or H&S file via a simple share link which anyone can use, whether a Mosaic User or not, or any Project Team Member can download documents individually, or the whole file as a Zip.


    Hazard Assessment and Risk Identification (HARI)

    Certainly the most innovative feature of Mosaic is the HARI tool. Designed by CDM professionals and Principal Design experts, it combines a wizard-based Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment tool with a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) status indicator, to provide a definitive record of the consideration of each of the potential risks associated with a project. Each element of the project must be considered, and each has a different pathway to ensure a thorough evaluation of each risk on its own merits.