Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Mosaic, here are some of the most common questions and answers, if you need any more assistance, please send us a message using the live chat function in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

App related questions

Mosaic is a design risk management tool that has been developed to guide designers and construction professionals through hazard identification and design risk management using a wizard called HARI.

The application provides a comprehensive list of potential risks associated with construction projects, and walks every user through a wizard based Q&A process to determine all risks present on a project, how they have been considered, how they have been designed out where possible, and allows designers to provide written explanation, documentation or advice where risks remain.

Collaboration in Mosaic is Free, and there can be as many team members on a project as required, for no extra charge. You only pay to use Mosaic if you are a CDM professional or Principal Designer wishing to create your own projects. If you have been invited into a Mosaic project as a collaborator you will never be charged unless you upgrade your account so you can create new Projects.

Mosaic was designed from the ground up by Health & Safety consultants with 20 years’ experience of managing CDM on Construction Projects.

It was designed to be compliant with CDM 2015, providing you with a framework for a PCI and H&S file inclusive of elements our experts recommend, along with an ongoing audit trail of all the decisions made by the project’s designers.

Joining Mosaic

Joining Mosaic is easy, sign up for a Free account and create one project to test the app out. Once you see how much it can help with your CDM responsibilities, we’re sure you’ll sign up for more projects moving forward! Mosaic should save you time, improve your output and make collaboration between all stakeholders on a project easier, all of that combined should free up more of your time to concentrate on other tasks, or taking on more CDM work!

Inviting in other users is as simple as creating a project and clicking “add user” in the Project Directory. That user will receive an email explaining they have been invited to participate in a CDM project on Mosaic, and it’s free for all collaborators on a project, users will only pay to create projects of their own.

You can join with just an email address and a description of your Discipline (e.g. Architect, PD Consultant, Main Contractor, CDM advisor, Client). Inviting in users is easy too, you actually only need an email address, they can fill in the rest when they join, you don’t even need to spell their name correctly as they can edit it on the sign-up page!